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Mike Powers is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

and an actor who is a motivational speaker in Asia.

His speaking goal is very simple:


1) Inspire


2) Empower.



He did a TED talk in 2013, entitled, "How to be a Black Belt" 4 steps to accomplish your goals.


He was a former professional surfer from California in his 20s. Today he is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who teaches in Hong Kong, who is passionate about teaching and team building.

He is also an accomplished BJJ competitor, winning 3 US National Championships, Pan-American and a recent third in the World for his division.


Mike has also spent many years in the corporate world as a high-level sales manager in the surf industry bringing a unique perspective of life strategies and overcoming hardship.


In 2008 Mike lost everything he had including his dream job, his home by the beach, his wife, $100,000 in the stock market, and his health all in one year!


Mike brings a powerful insights pertaining to everyday fight strategies in life such as:

1) Discover you're purpose, goals and talents.


2) Making effective goals.


3) How to overcome obstacles and coming back.


The last 4 years Mike has been acting in movies and TV roles in Hong Kong such "Ghost in the shell", G-1 fight celebrities and a 15 minute part of fight scenes in the #1 movie in Asia for 2013 called, "Unbeatable".


Mike will engage your audience to hear some great stories and learn strategies on how to overcome hardship and come back achieving success.

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